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Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard Upgrade

A switchboard (or ‘fuse box’) is the central control panel for your home or business. Russo Electrical Pty Ltd provides switchboard installations and upgrades for both residential and commercial properties.

Residential Switchboards

Residential switchboards protect your home from dangerous power surges.

All new homes in Australia must be fitted with an electrical switchboard that contains safety switches or residential current devices (RCDs). These are hard wired into your switchboard along with a circuit breaker which supplies an additional level of safety. RCD’s protect against fires and electrocution caused by electrical faults or imbalances, by cutting off the power as soon as a problem is detected and by minimising potential injuries or property damage. Power surges cause a circuit breaker to trip and need to be reset before power can be returned to that appliance or location in your home.

Older homes with existing switchboards often do not have RCDs or circuit breakers fitted. Depending on the state of the existing switchboard, we often recommend that replacing your switchboard is safer than repairing it. Given the significant advances in technology, older switchboards can sometimes not handle the increased demand. Frequent power trips, flickering lights or buzzing noises are one indication that you need a switchboard upgrade.

Commercial Switchboards

Commercial switchboards are much more complex than residential switchboards. Large commercial workshops, factories, office buildings and retail outlets require specialised switchboards, often with three phase power, to support their high-power demands. If you are upgrading your machinery or expanding your business, then a switchboard upgrade may be necessary to cope with the added electrical demands. Russo Electrical Pty Ltd can provide the following services for commercial switchboard installations and upgrades:

  • Separate meters for specific power circuits
  • Main and bypass circuit breakers
  • Surge protection and emergency power switches
  • Phase failure monitoring
  • RCD testing and tagging
  • Fault finding
Why Should you Upgrade you Switchboard?

If your home or business has an old switchboard, you can be at risk of electrocution or power failure. Non-compliant switchboards are a serious fire hazard. Russo Electrical can undertake switchboard compliance checks to ensure that your home or business is safe for your family and employees.