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19 Sep, 2022
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Smart Ways to Cut Spending On Your Energy Bills this Winter

Energy bills go up all around in Australia during Winter with most of the energy in households being spent on heating. While we can’t change the energy prices, we can do things to lower our energy bills and save some money.

Here are some ways to save money on your energy bills:


Use Less Heating

Instead of turning on the heat or portable heater when it gets cold, pile on the layers and heat up your home naturally by letting in the natural sun during the day, keeping doors closed and closing the curtains when it gets dark. Having carpeting or a rug will also add natural warmth to your home.


Use Your Heating Smartly

If you do use your heating regularly, make sure that you only turn it on when there are people at home and turn it off whenever you leave the house. Also make sure to turn it off at night when everyone goes to sleep.

According to energy.gov.au, keeping the temperature on your heating system between 18 and 20 degrees celsius can help you save money on your energy bills, as every degree you increase your heating can increase your energy use by up to 10%.


Use a Drought Stopper

A cold drought can squeeze through even the tiniest of spaces, which means that any spaces you have in your windows or doors can cause cold air to enter your home and warm air to escape. Invest in some draught stoppers like door snakes, door seals and draught-proofing strips to ensure that the warm air stays in your house and save up to 25% on your heating costs.


Only Heat the Room/Area of the House You’re Using

Most modern ducted air systems come with the option to heat/cool only certain rooms or areas of the house. Heating only the rooms of the house that you use the most (bedrooms and living areas) will go a long way towards saving you money on your energy bill.


Use Curtains and Carpeting/Rugs

On a sunny day, ensure that your curtains are kept open to let in the natural sunlight and once the sun starts to go down, close your curtains to trap in the heat. Curtains provide extra insulation, as do rugs and carpeting.


Use a Hot Water Bottle

Using an old school method, like a hot water bottle, to heat your bed can be just as effective as using an electric blanket, with one key difference: it doesn’t cost nearly as much!


Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Investing in some energy efficient appliances like an energy efficient heater will use less energy and save you money in the long-term.


Consider a Wood Fireplace

If your home gets really cold during Winter and you don’t want to spend too much money on energy bills, it might be worthwhile investing in a wood fireplace. Although the upfront cost of installing it may be more expensive than a heating/cooling system, it will be sure to save you money in the long run, as you aren’t paying any heating bills.


Compare Energy Plans

Some energy providers have better deals than others and most of them have special deals to attract new customers. Comparing different energy plans ensures that you’re not paying more than you should be. Use Energy Australia’s online estimation tool to compare energy companies.

If you have any questions or concerns about your electricity usage or electrical appliances, feel free to contact us on 0478 740 546. At Russo Electric, we have over 25 years of electrician work experience in Sydney, and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering honest and trustworthy advice.