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19 Sep, 2022
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5 Things to Know Before Hiring an Electrician in Sydney

Hiring an electrician that is reliable and most importantly, licensed and experienced is crucial. Working with electricity is a dangerous job, and an electrician needs to know what they’re doing so they can complete the job safely.

Before hiring an electrician in Sydney for the first time, it’s important to be aware of certain things so you know that you’re hiring an experienced and reputable electrician.


 1) Are they Licensed?

Every electrician in Australia has to be licensed to carry out electrical work. In New South Wales, electricians must have either a Contractor Licence, a Qualified Supervisor Certificate, or an Endorsed Contractor Licence.

If an electrician is caught working without a licence, they can get fined $22,000 (for an individual) or $100,000 (for a company).

The last thing you want is an unlicensed electrician coming to do work in your home, as that can be incredibly dangerous for both the electrician and you and your family and you could be held liable if something goes wrong. Ask to see their licence and make sure the name on the licence matches the electrician’s name.


 2) What to Expect

If you’re planning on having a lot of electrical work done, you probably want to have a rough estimate of how much the job will cost and what it will involve. An estimate should include the materials and labour that will be involved and an estimate of how long the job will take.

It’s important to note that for smaller electrical jobs, an electrician may charge by the hour and that some may charge a higher rate for after-hours or weekend work, or may even charge a service call fee. Find out as much as you can before any work is done, so you’re not taken by surprise.


 3) Are they Insured?

It’s important that every electrician is insured as electrical work is risky. Ask the electrician for a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance Policy which will protect the electrician and the homeowners from being liable in the event of an accident occuring.

If an electrician isn’t insured and an accident happens, you could be in for a long financial and emotional battle.


 4) Does the Electrician Work for a Reputable Company?

If you’re hiring an electrician from a company, do some research on that company. What kind of services do they offer? Where is their office located? What areas of Sydney do they service? What are their reviews like?

Take the time to find the right electrical company for you; don’t just settle for the first result that comes up in a Google search.


 5) When Can You Schedule an Appointment?

A reliable electrician is someone who offers to help you and who can schedule an appointment for you in the time period you request. If the electrician is vague about their availability, then that should send up red flags, especially if you’re enquiring about an emergency electrical issue.

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