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29 May, 2022
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Electrical safety should be of great concern to everyone. It’s important to know the truth about how electricity works and how to stay safe around it. Debunking some of the myths around electricity is critical and may change the way you think about the electricity in your home. Electricity is volatile and dangerous and if you’re not sure about something, it’s always best to contact an electrician rather than doing something yourself – no matter what you’ve heard or read on the internet. Here are five common electrical myths that may surprise you.

Low Voltages Are Harmless 

Just because a voltage discharge may be low, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less harmful than a high voltage discharge. When it comes to electricity, the current is more important for determining how harmful an electrical threat might be. The voltage pushes the current along, but the current of both a high voltage and low voltage discharge can cause major harm or even death.

Every Old Home Needs Rewiring 

Although electrical wiring definitely does get old and expire, the total cost of rewiring a whole house would be ridiculously expensive and it is something that is not always needed. A more logical thing to do would be to get a professional’s opinion before replacing or rewiring anything. The most common room that would need to be rewired would be the kitchen, so the wiring can keep up with modern appliances. 

Appliances Stop Consuming Electricity When You Turn Them Off 

Some devices may still be drawing power even after you switch them off due to ‘stand-by’ consumption. This is especially common in devices with an LCD panel, light or clock (microwaves, clocks and TVs). It’s important that people are aware that devices in ‘standby mode’ can still add to their electricity bills over time.

Only Old Wiring Will Go Bad 

Although most people only think old wiring goes bad and poses a danger, that’s not always the case. Even newly installed wiring can still experience problems – especially if it isn’t installed or maintained properly. It’s important that the wiring in a home is installed correctly and maintained for it to work for longer. It’s true that older wiring becomes damaged more often, but it’s definitely not a good idea to neglect new wiring just because you think that it’s safer because it’s newer. 

An Electric Generator Creates Electricity 

Contrary to popular belief, generators do not actually create electricity. Instead, they use the mechanical energy available to force the movement of electrical charges already present in the wires through an external electric circuit. So, in other words, generators transform electrical energy rather than create it.

If you notice a problem with your electrical appliances, power outlets, power cords, or light bulbs, do not try to fix the problem yourself, but contact an electrician straight away. At Russo Electrical, we have over 25 years of electrician work experience in Sydney and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering honest and trustworthy advice. If you have an electrical problem, please contact us on 0478 740 546 to find out more or visit our website: https://www.russoelectrical.com.au/ 


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